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Exploring West Virginia Governor’s Mansion

The West Virginia Governor’s Mansion, also known as the West Virginia Executive Mansion, represents elegance and hospitality.

This residence serves as the official home of the West Virginia governor. Before the state purchased the property in 1893, WV executives were responsible for finding their own housing. Everything changed after the devastating Capitol fire in 1921. The Legislature passed a sales tax to fund the construction of a Capitol complex, which included an appropriation for a governor’s house. The work was entrusted to local architect Walter F. Martens, who consulted with Cass Gilbert, designer of the state Capitol. Construction commenced in 1924 and was completed in 1925. If you’re considering historic buildings or want to learn more about this iconic structure, let Pam’s expertise and deep roots in the region’s heritage help you.

IMPRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE: Marvel at the extraordinary beauty of the Georgian Revival style. The exterior is a sight to behold, with red Harvard bricks meticulously laid in Flemish bond, adorned with black headers. At the heart of it all, a two-story portico takes center stage, graced with a bracketed pediment that finds support in four majestic free-standing and two engaged fluted Corinthian columns. A white-painted arched entranceway welcomes you, beautifully complementing the brickwork and trim. The porches on either side offer a serene retreat, enclosed by a low fence and rows of columns that reach upward to support a flat roof.

WHITE-HOUSE INSPIRED INTERIORS: The opulent interiors of the property showcase elegance and refinement. The foyer, inspired by the White House, welcomes you with black-and-white checkered marble flooring and a dual staircase. The main floor features beautifully designed and furnished spaces, including a drawing room, ballroom, state dining room, a cozy sitting room, and a library adorned entirely in White Butternut wood. There are eight bedrooms and four baths on the second floor (including the Governor’s private quarters and a family area), while the third floor provides two additional bedrooms. Servant quarters were thoughtfully added in 1926. In total, this architectural gem boasts an impressive 30 rooms.

CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Beyond its remarkable and luxurious details, the West Virginia Governor’s Mansion holds a special place in history. It has welcomed national and global dignitaries, ambassadors, public officials, and corporate leaders. It has also opened its doors to thousands of tours and numerous cultural and charitable activities. These serve to encourage business, support education, and promote the preservation of West Virginia’s rich heritage. It provides a chance to connect to the rich past, where diplomacy and culture converge to shape the region’s future.

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5 Real Estate Facts about West Virginia Governor’s Mansion

  • The first Governor’s Mansion was acquired by the state in 1893 from a private company, with William MacCorkle being its inaugural resident.
  • Ephraim F. Morgan, who served from 1921 to 1925, briefly occupied the newly constructed mansion for seven days before his term ended, etching his name in history as the first official resident.
  • In 1985, the West Virginia Mansion Preservation Foundation was established, raising funds for the continuous maintenance of the mansion’s interior and furnishings.
  • It houses a collection of artifacts and antique pieces like a twin barrel shotgun from the late 1800s, a solid mahogany table over 200 years old, and a fireplace moved from a castle in Ireland.
  • Beyond serving as the residence of the West Virginia governor, it is also a center for cultural and educational events. Visitors can explore the library, the grand ballroom, and the enchanting garden through public tours, which take approximately 15-30 minutes.
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West Virginia Governor’s Mansion is at 1716 Kanawha Blvd E, Charleston, WV. Kanawha River is to the south, West Virginia State Museum to the north, and West Virginia State Capitol to the east.

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