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Buckingham County is a small rural town located in the Commonwealth of Virginia and considered one of the best regions to settle down in the state, according to its locals.

Buckingham, VA, is the county seat of Buckingham County, which lies in the Piedmont region of Virginia. The county was founded in 1761 and composed primarily of vast farmlands until its current borders were set in 1860. Most of the earliest records of Buckingham County were destroyed in a fire that ravaged the courthouse designed by Thomas Jefferson in 1869. There are still many undeveloped regions in the county where residents and visitors can go fishing or hunting. If you are interested in knowing more about the area or would like to inquire about the current portfolio of homes for sale in Buckingham County, VA, please do not hesitate to reach out to our professional realtors.

LARGE HOMES NESTLED IN NATURE: Owning a house in the countryside is a dream come true for many people. Most residential properties in rural areas are characterized by expansive floor space and unlimited access to natural surroundings and wildlife. Spending more time in nature is known to have significant health benefits. Homes for sale in Buckingham, VA, feature huge homes on large lots, making them ideal for those planning to raise a growing family, requiring roomy spaces for every homeowner’s comfort.

COMMUNITY-ORIENTED NEIGHBORS: Buying a house in a more rural area, such as Buckingham County, will allow you to experience becoming a part of a tight-knit community. This sense of belonging is often cited as a primary reason for those who choose to make their homes in rural regions. Being more involved in your community and feeling closer to the people you live and work with has been found to positively affect physical and mental health.

RELAXED LIFESTYLE AND NATURAL LANDSCAPE: In the countryside, people can find solitude and peace because of the prevalence of nature and wildlife. Rural life’s serenity, safety, and comfort are benefits rarely found in urban settings. Stress levels can be reduced simply by looking out a window and seeing grassy green fields or other natural scenery. Generally speaking, countryside living entails lower crime rates, cleaner air due to less pollution, and less traffic and trash, which makes them perfect for retirees or simply for those seeking a calmer, healthier lifestyle away from the bustle of city life.

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Homes in Buckingham County

5 Real Estate Facts about Buckingham County

  • Several homes for sale in Buckingham County, VA, can be purchased anywhere between $115,000 to $3 million.
  • Residences in Buckingham County are usually designed with two to twelve bedrooms and one to thirteen-bath combinations.
  • The average internal floor space of homes for sale in Buckingham, VA, usually spans between 1,100 sqft to 7,500 sqft.
  • Large houses in Buckingham County usually sit on expansive lots with total acreage ranging from 0.33 acres to almost 89.80 acres.
  • Residential properties in Buckingham County depict exquisite home styles, including Colonial, Cape Cod, and Ranch architecture.
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Buckingham County is a lovely rural region in the Commonwealth of Virginia, surrounded by other wonderful cities and counties in the state. Lynchburg is approximately 40 miles west of Buckingham County and can be reached in roughly 51 minutes. The capital city of Richmond sits in the eastern region of Buckingham County and can be found approximately 74.3 miles from the county. Meanwhile, the famous Shenandoah National Park is accessible from Buckingham County in roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes via James River Road and can be found approximately 55 miles north of the county.

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It’s my good fortune to grow up in this beautiful region that has deep roots in American history. From an early age I’ve explored the gorgeous countryside of Central Virginia, often on the back of a horse. As a proud owner of a historic home, I’m particularly familiar with the quirks and charms of the older properties in our area. My experience with historic properties makes me especially qualified to assist you with the purchase or sale of one of these unique properties.

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Things to do in Buckingham County

Carter-Taylor Trail

Short yet steep ascents and descents, as well as three creek crossings, characterize this 1.4-mile circle trail near Appomattox, Virginia.

Pinos Italiano & Grill

Delicious meals for the whole family is what Pinos Italiano & Grill has been serving up in Virginia since 2001. Visit a family-friendly establishment where you'll be treated like one of the family. Come to Pinos for an authentic Italian meal in Buckingham.

Historic Village at Lee Wayside

Established in September 2007, The Historic Village at Lee Wayside hosts seven main events each year, making it a hub for entertainment in central Virginia. Many other events, such as concerts and family get-togethers, are also hosted in the village, in addition to school and senior group visits. There are nine ancient buildings, a natural amphitheater known as the Village Stage, a walking track, beautiful restrooms, a pavilion, and a highly active group that organizes events inside the site.

Slate River Ranch

A total of about 3,000 acres make up the Slate River Ranches, which are home to a stunning herd of highly-trained cutting horses.

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