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Exploring Virginia Governor’s Mansion – Richmond

The Virginia Governor’s Mansion, affectionately known as the Executive Mansion, is a gem within the historic gates of Capitol Square in Richmond, VA.

Since 1813, it has served as the official home of the governors of the Commonwealth of Virginia and their families, making it the oldest continuously occupied residence in the country. Designed by Boston architect Alexander Parris in the Federal style, its construction was skillfully executed by Christopher Tompkins. Then, in the 1950s, the gardens were transformed by landscape architect Charles Gillette. It has welcomed several residents, including the state’s 18th Governor, James Barbour, who was the first to call it home. A line of notable leaders followed, including Thomas B. Stanley, James S. Gilmore III, A. Linwood Holton Jr., Tim Kaine, and now, Governor Glenn Youngkin. If you’re eager to delve deeper into the history of this iconic structure, the expertise of Pam can be your guide and source of insight.

ELEGANT STRUCTURE: The Mansion in Richmond, VA, is a quintessential example of classic Federal-style architecture. Its symmetrical facade exudes timeless elegance, while three porches offer a charming welcome. The west entry is the most ornate, impressing visitors with its intricate detailing. The square plan reveals a vast central hall adorned with beautiful arches and a captivating plaster frieze. Two stairways grace the interior, with a wide principal stair leading to the upper levels and a narrower service stair. The original grounds included a cookhouse, smokehouse, stable, icehouse, and carriage and cannon houses. The main house, cookhouse, and carriage house still stand today.

TIMELESS GARDENS: The stately gardens offer a tranquil space for reflection, respite, and entertainment. First families have cherished these green spaces, finding solace and joy within their meticulously maintained borders. The Valentine-Jackson Memorial Garden commemorates the lives of the enslaved families and serves as a tribute to their sacrifices and contributions. The Gillette Garden, on the other hand, is a breathtaking wonder of nature. It is designed by the esteemed Richmond landscape architect Charles Gillette. It bursts with dogwood blossoms, English boxwoods, Virginia cedars, azaleas, and crepe myrtles and is graced by the statue of the Greek nymph Daphne.

ART EXPERIENCE: The property offers an immersive experience in collaboration with artists, museums, and curators throughout the Commonwealth. It aims to educate, excite, and inspire all who visit. Among the displays are the folk art of William H. Clarke, including his evocative pieces “Higher Ground” and “School Bus,” to the profound “Portrait of Abraham Lincoln” by A. B. Jackson. The exhibits are ever-evolving as new creative expressions become available. There’s always something fresh and inspiring to discover during your visit.

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5 Real Estate Facts about Virginia Governor’s Mansion – Richmond

  • Thomas Jefferson suggested drawing inspiration from the elegant Villa Rotunda in northern Italy, infusing Richmond’s Mansion with a touch of European charm.
  • The Mansion in Richmond, VA, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1969 and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1988. 
  • It has hosted a distinguished array of guests, from His Royal Highness Prince Albert Edward, later King Edward VII, to President Theodore Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, aviator Charles Lindbergh and several U.S. Presidents.
  • Its fame extended to the small screen, with notable appearances in 2006 during Governor Tim Kaine’s Democratic response to the State of the Union address and on American Idol when Kaine and the First Lady welcomed Richmond-native and Idol-finalist Elliott Yamin.
  • Each piece in the Art Experience is created by someone born, raised, and educated in Virginia or donated by a Virginian. 
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Virginia Executive Mansion is at Capitol Square, Richmond, VA. It sits between E Broad St to the north, E Main St to the south, N 9th St to the west, and N 14th St to the east

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