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Exploring Agecroft Hall & Gardens

Agecroft Hall Mansion and Gardens is a 16th-century treasure in the Windsor Farms neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.

It was originally situated in the picturesque Irwell Valley at Agecroft, Pendlebury, in Lancashire, England. By the 20th century, the manor had fallen into disrepair and stood unoccupied. Owners faced a difficult decision and auctioned the structure and its interiors. It was in this moment of transformation that the vision of successful Richmond businessman T.C. Williams Jr. and his wife came to life. They purchased the historic building and went on a remarkable journey to relocate and restore it. Agecroft Hall found its new home on the Williams’ 23-acre estate, perched elegantly overlooking the James River. Step back in time with the guidance of Pam Dent and gain a deeper understanding of Agecroft Hall’s rich and diverse history.

FROM ENGLAND TO VIRGINIA: In 1926, a team of workers, under the guidance of architect Henry G. Morse, dismantled the most intact sections of the manor. Piece by piece, they carefully shipped these elements across the Atlantic Ocean to Richmond. The stained-glass windows, interior paneling, and other intricate details not only survived the arduous voyage but also became historical artifacts. These were masterfully integrated into an updated floor plan, creating a unique blend of old-world charm and modern living. The reimagined English mansion took its final form in the spring of 1928, gracing Richmond with its timeless presence.

CHARMING GARDENS: The enchanting grounds of Agecroff Hall, Richmond, Virginia, were designed by the renowned Charles Gillette. They transport visitors to the beauty of English courtyards, terraces, and sunken gardens inspired by the picturesque Hampton Court Palace. Every year, the area comes to life with the bloom of 5,000 bulbs, adding a vibrant touch to the already captivating scenery. A journey through the site reveals hidden treasures, from a whimsical grass maze to a fragrant herb lawn and a flower garden opening up to breathtaking views of the James River.

SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL: The Shakespeare Festival is a beloved summer tradition in Richmond. Set against the backdrop of the Agecroft Hall’s lush grounds, this outdoor performance captures the essence of Shakespearean drama in a magical setting. The celebration opens with a play by David Ives titled “The School for Lies,” featuring a French aristocrat who fearlessly speaks the truth in a society entangled in deceit. It ends with Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors,” weaving a tale of identical twins separated at birth. The fair guarantees an enchanting and unforgettable theatrical experience.

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5 Real Estate Facts about Agecroft Hall & Gardens

  • Agecroft Hall and Gardens, Richmond, VA, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in December 1978.
  • The Tudor manor house was constructed in 1485. It served as the Lancashire home of the esteemed Langley and Dauntesey families for several generations.
  • In 1926, the Richmond entrepreneur Thomas C. Williams Jr. acquired the property at an auction for $19,000. 
  • Williams passed away in 1929. His wife, Elizabeth, continued to reside in the historic home until 1967 and transformed it into a museum.
  • Today, the property features a library, a 16-foot-long inlay table, a grand hall, a charming dining parlor, and bedrooms with hand-carved four-poster beds. One of these dates back to the 16th century and retains its original paint.
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Agecroft Hall & Gardens is at 4305 Sulgrave Rd, Richmond, VA. It overlooks James River to the south while Powhite Pkwy is to the east. 

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Things to do in Agecroft Hall & Gardens

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